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We have worked in the ERP space for 25+ years and our team has 200+ years of combined experience to boot. But that’s not what makes us different. We have mastered Acumatica’s software inside and out, but once again that is not what makes us different. So if it isn’t the software and it isn’t our longevity, what is it?

Our Unique Implementation

An astounding number of ERP projects go over budget, over timeline, and simply fail across the board. This is unfortunately a major problem in our industry.

We take great pride in the diligent discovery and planning work we do before any project begins. We know what it takes to set ourselves and our clients up for success.

Business Process Experts First—ERP Systems Experts Second

We believe the key to our success, and conversely to others’ failures, is our focus on the fundamentals of what it takes to evaluate, fine tune, and perfect business operations. While we believe Acumatica is best-of-breed, most ERP systems have a fair bit of functionality crossover. An expert mind will trump an expert system any day.

We Bring the Executive Vision to Fruition

We are experts at working with executives to develop a vision for all functional areas of their company, future-proofing that vision, and then translating the practical vision into the technical implementation.

We Simply Do it Better

There is a reason that 98% of the site assessments we have conducted with prospects turn into partnerships and lasting relationships.

Just a Few of Our Satisfied Customers

Meet the Algorithm Team

Mike Oswalt


In 1993 Mike started a small consulting division of a local CPA firm specializing in ERP software. That eventually grew into Algorithm. As President, it is Mike’s role to assemble the best team possible to provide a remarkable customer experience, whereby customers view Algorithm as a strategic partner and together we build long-term relationships.

Mimi Bertram

Vice President

As Vice President at Algorithm, Mimi is responsible for all of Algorithm’s service delivery, including application consulting, technical support desk, and custom programming. The Algorithm team excels at delivering services that are aligned with customers’ needs and expressed expectations. Mimi’s job is to ensure that Algorithm not only exceeds customers’ expectations, but to also identify what they are in the first place.

Rick DeBusk

Applications Consultant

As an applications consultant, Rick’s chief responsibilities are to 1) help clients identify business process issues, 2) determine cost effective solutions to those problems, 3) provide project management and user training in the implementation of those solutions. Rick’s consulting activities include client site assessment, solution evaluation and recommendations, documenting of implemented solutions, and educating users in management practices and software utilization.

Andy Smith

Business Application Consultant

As a consultant at Algorithm, Andy is responsible for working with customers to learn about their businesses, and helping them use software to achieve their goals. Andy’s responsibilities include: discovering the unique aspects of each customer’s business process and their goals for improvement, communicating how the software will help with those improvements, training their staff on effective use of the software, and supporting them if problems are encountered once they start using it.

John Jones

Director of Network Services

As Director of Network Services, John is responsible for providing excellent IT customer service every time. This includes both internal customers, the employees of Algorithm, as well as providing full IT support for Algorithm’s 300 nationwide customers. John has an additional role as hosted services manager. Algorithm’s hosted services customers are housed in a Chicago data center and John provides full installation, support and maintenance for those customers.

Jonathan Nelson

Senior Application Consultant

As a Senior Application Consultant at Algorithm Jonathan spends the majority of his time working directly with Algorithm’s customers to help them improve their businesses through the better implementation and use of their software applications. Jonathan spends a lot of time getting to know and understand what makes Algorithm’s customers successful and assist them in expanding that success. His responsibilities include direct assistance with ERP, on-site assessments, upgrades, new site implementations, and overall project management.

Kristin Christian

Business Application Consultant

As a Business Application Consultant Kristin is responsible for working closely with Algorithm’s clients to implement software solutions that address their unique business processes. Kristin takes pride in collaborating with clients to identify their strengths, weaknesses and challenges in their organization and providing sound software solutions that enable them to operate with greater control, accuracy and efficiency in order to focus on growing and maintaining their business. Kristin has a special passion for the accounting and inventory management side of operations, as well as business process improvement initiatives.

Jeff Jenkins

Account Manager

Jeff Jenkins brings a wealth of experience to his role as an Account Manager at Algorithm and works diligently to provide customers the best possible solutions and service. Jeff’s post-graduate background includes over 10 years in the mortgage and finance industries, with an emphasis on sales and account management, and almost 5 years in the software industry.

Jeremy Williams

Network Services Manager

As Network Services Manager at Algorithm Inc. Jeremy is responsible for Developing and maintaining the Columbus area client’s servers and networks. Jeremy enjoys helping Algorithm’s clients implement personalized solutions that will work for their infrastructure.

Jerry Kurtz

Development Services Lead

As the Development Services Lead at Algorithm, Jerry is responsible for leveraging Acumatica and 3rd party solutions/add-ons to customize and enhance the overall functionality and user experience of Algorithm’s clients’ installations. The range is from simple process automation to complex integration with other in-house systems as well as custom software solutions.

Beth Harris

Customer Care

Beth has been with Algorithm for since February of 1998. Before coming to Algorithm, she worked for an ERP provider for 10 years on their administrative, sales and international teams which gave her a wealth of knowledge and experience to help deliver exceptional care to Algorithm’s customers.

Dennis Easter

Business Applications Consultant

As a consultant at Algorithm, Dennis is responsible for working with customers to learn about their businesses, and helping them use software to achieve their goals. Dennis’s responsibilities include: discovering the unique aspects of each customer’s business process and their goals for improvement, communicating how the software will help with those improvements, training their staff on effective use of the software, and supporting them if problems are encountered once they start using it.

Eva James

Account Manager

Eva began her ERP career at the ripe age of 12, assembling software manuals into three-ring binders. She has excelled in software account manager positions for over 20 years. Consistently exceeding an assigned quota and leading her former company in sales over a period of five years, landed Eva at Algorithm, Inc. Eva is a Certified Acumatica Sales Consultant.

David Dozer

Business Systems Consultant

As a Business Systems Consultant with Algorithm, David is responsible for working with customers to understand their diverse needs and challenges and utilize their software systems to best solve those challenges. Part of his duties are also to assist with establishing best practices and defining business processes that can help maximize ROI in business investments and in people. He also trains end users, creates reports, performs project management tasks and assists clients through implementation processes.

Andy Arnone

Business Applications Consultant

Founder of Direct One Networking, Inc., Andy assists customers with project management, managing Windows Server Network environments including all workstations, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), designing, managing, and maintaining internal databases, and database/system administration of accounting/inventory software suites. He also provides all aspects of computer support such as analysis, network design, troubleshooting, installation, and maintenance for numerous networks for his customers.

Liam O'Hara

Staff Accountant

As a staff accountant, Liam is responsible for overseeing and performing financial month-end processes as well as maintaining customer contact databases. Any given day brings different challenges and tasks for him to tackle, but that’s the allure of working for a small company!

Emily Oswalt

F&A Administrator

Emily works in F&A, helping to guide the administrative aspects of the business. She also assists with various aspects of customer service for Algorithm’s clients.

Alex Foley

Director of Marketing

Alex is responsible for developing and managing Algorithm’s brand, content marketing, marketing automation initiatives, and everything in between. He works with the team to create useful content for our audience and find opportunities to share our expertise through industry conferences and websites. He is responsible for extending the reach of Algorithm’s implementation services and helping to generate opportunities with new and existing sites. Alex strives to develop strong, collaborative relationships with our partners and stay on the forefront of innovative marketing strategies.

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